Resident Evaluations in the Emergency Department at Cincinnati Children’s

Every time you work a faculty shift in the Burnet Emergency Department you are required to complete your resident evaluations. You are responsible for evaluating each resident that you have worked with. As always, the link to that evaluation can be found here.

Link to the Resident Evaluation

Each daily evaluation will be completed using the existing Qualtrics survey. Please use this form to evaluate the following residents:

  • All residents form the Pediatric Residency Training Program at CCHMC
  • Emergency Medicine Residents from the University of Cincinnati
  • Outside Rotators from the University of Kentucky, St. Elizabeth’s, Bethesda and UC Family Practice (Christ)

4th year Medical Students are evaluated separately.

It is highly recommended that you review the following document, as it is a guide that explains in detail resident behaviors that led to our selection of the specific milestones that we are using to evaluate. Starting March 2019 we will be adding Entrustable Professional Activities to the evaluation. As always, you are free to evaluate multiple residents at a time. You can complete these on any computer, your smartphone or tablet.

You will receive an email at 8AM the morning following your shift that will include the link to the evaluation as well. In general if you have staffed at least 2-3 patients with a resident you should be able to provide an informed assessment of their performance. Please remember to include narrative comments, as these are often the most important and informative component of the evaluation for the residents. Here is a video walkthrough showing you how to complete the evaluation.

You are expected to complete the evaluation of any resident that you spend a significant amount of time working with. The goal is for residents to get an evaluation for each and every shift they work in the ED. The new schedule template has been attached for your convenience so that you can get a sense of when you’ll be working with residents based on the new shift times. If possible, try to complete at least two resident evaluations per shift with the caveat that you may only be exposed to a single resident on select shifts.